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Who Am I?

    Today, I am a mom of two amazing adults. I am the future mom of two more amazing adults and an adorable 7 year old. I am the fiancé of a musician, who is working on his personal journey. I am a certified life coach whom specializes and is certified in PTSD and childhood trauma recovery. I am certified in CBT, REBT, and EDMR techniques.  I am certified in the use of essential oils and crystals for healing. I am certified as a REIKI healer.  I am a survivor of child abuse and domestic abuse. I am an orphan, thanks to heroin and drunk driving. I am a foster kid with a loving extended family. I am ADD, but its my super power. I am funny and loving and kind. I have a huge heart for people, Almost to a fault. I am an Empath, which makes me very good at what I do. Plus, I have been in some very dark places in my life, that have taught me something very valuable. It is the reason I became a life coach. It is the reason I quit school to be a psychologist. I had gone to therapy most of my life and it never made me feel any better. Pills never worked and that seemed to be their answer to everything. Plus, YOU CAN"T CHANGE THE PAST. Yes, you need to talk and acknowledge what has happened to you but I was over dwelling on the feeling of being "powerless" and a "victim". I wanted to get "unstuck" and move on with my life. Life coaching taught me that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It is no ones job to save us. We are responsible for saving ourselves. Yes, other people may have made choices that put us in our situations but the light is inside of us. We are the light. The tunnels are just part of the journey. So...Who am I? I am a little bit of everything; my past, my current situation and the goals I am working towards I am on a journey to help people find their light. I am on a journey to show people what BEING HUMAN is all about. I am the person that can get you "unstuck" because I have done it myself.  Let me be the person to help you.

So, Who am I? This is a question with an answer that is forever changing. Life is a journey. You should always be learning about yourself and growing emotionally to fit the person you want to be. When we get busy with life and go into survival mode, we quit growing. This is when you get the "stuck" feeling. You are not "stuck". You are overwhelmed. When we are overwhelmed, we feel depressed, anxious, moody, and hopeless. These feelings make us believe that we must settle for our current situation. These feelings steal our power. The reality is that your situation changes when you make changes. Little changes can make HUGE differences in our situations. When you change your perception of your situation, you are then able to start growing again. You are no longer "stuck". Helping you change your perception and offering guidance that encourages growth isn't just my job. It is my journey. It is who I am. 


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