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What I do

So, What is Alternative medicine? To sum it up, it is everything that can help you that the government doesn't understand, agree with or hasn't figured out how to tax. As a life coach, I have been trained in all the same techniques as a traditional councilor/therapist but do not have to pay the government fees to practice. Because I will not jump through their hoops, I can not bill insurance. Hence why I am not charging $125 an hour. My anti-government/anti-big pharm views save you money. ( Yes, I am a Karen and a Taurus.) 

I use a traditional therapist tool box  but add things such as meditation techniques, Reiki healing, mindfulness, and journaling. The Goal is to treat the whole body and not just the mind. 

I have over 20 years experience working with children. Pre-teens/teenagers are my specialty but I do take adult female clients. No offense to men, I am more comfortable at dealing with children and female issues.

If you are military and need help, message me and I will discuss exceptions. Because it is still taboo to get mental help while in the military, please do not hesitate to message me. I do not report to insurance therefore there is no paper trail of you coming to get help. You do not even have to give your real name. You can even do sessions on zoom. I have family members in the military and because of that, I took the extra steps to get certified in dealing with PTSD and other military related issues. Let me help you be you again. 

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